Start Your Company in Hong Kong

Register a company in Hong Kong and enjoy all the benefits of doing business internationally.
Why Hong Kong?
Clients trust us in the most difficult issues, because they know that we will help them reduce the risks to their business.
Low Taxes
Income tax from 0% to 16.5%
No taxes on dividends, royalties and VAT
Remote Registration
You can register a company remotely without traveling to Hong Kong
High Respectability
Hong Kong is one of the financial centers of the world.
No citizenship requirements
A citizen of any country can be a shareholder and director of a company
Special tax regime
In case the company does not conduct business in Hong Kong, the company is fully exempt from paying profit tax.

No requirements for founding capital
You can open a company without paying the share capital
Ideal for:
A company in Hong Kong will be an excellent solution for a wide range of businesses
Trade companies
Trading companies operating outside of Hong Kong can take advantage of the tax exemption.
Startups can take advantage of numerous government assistance programs and use Hong Kong as a platform for accessing investment capital
Holding companies
The absence of tax on dividends and royalties, as well as the high prestige and reliability of the jurisdiction, create ideal conditions for a holding company
How to register company?
Free consultation
Our consultants will provide you with a free consultation to understand the needs of your business and project and select the most optimal solution.
Company formation
We will prepare all the necessary documents for registration. All you have to do is sign them and send them to Hong Kong. After receiving the documents in Hong Kong, it remains to wait until the company is entered in the Register of Companies.
Opening a current account
Immediately after the registration of the company, we will start preparing documents for opening an account in a classic bank or neobank. We work with financial institutions both in Hong Kong and around the world. Therefore, we can find the right solution for your business.
Book a free consultation
Our consultants have more than ten years of experience in the registration of international companies.
We will carefully study your tasks and needs and find the best solution.
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Frequently asked Questions
What are the minimum requirements for registering a company
As a minimum, to establish a company (limited liability) in Hong Kong, you must have one shareholder / director. It could be the same person.

A company in Hong Kong must include:
– one director – an individual
– one shareholder – natural or legal person
-- one secretary
– registered office in Hong Kong
What is the minimum founding capital
The nominal minimum capital can be set at 10,000 HKD. However, not all shares must be issued. The minimum issue can be one share, the value of 1 HKD
Do I need to pay the founding capital
The founding capital does not have to be paid when registering a company. This can be done at any time later.
Do I need to be present in person to register?
No, registration takes place completely remotely
Should a company keep financial records?
Yes, companies in Hong Kong are required to submit audited financial statements annually. We can help with these too.
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